CSC VLE Insurance Exam questions and answers PDF in Hindi & English

CSC VLE Insurance Exam Questions and Answers New

ये सभी Questions and Answers पढ़ कर आप 100 नंबर ला सकते है 25/25 नंबर आयेगा निचे आपको सबूत है

  1. Origins of modern insurance business can be traced to _________

Ans : – Lloyds

  1. LIC of India act was passed in June 1956 but it came into force on

Ans : – Sept 1, 1956

  1. Every Insurance carrying on business in India shall invest and at all time keep invested an amount not exceeding _______ of heir funds other capital maker investments.

Ans : – 35%.

  1. On 20th January 1956 all life insurance companies operating in India were taken over by _________ nominated custodians.

Ans : – 43

  1. Which Among the following is a method of risk transfer.

Ans : – Insurance

  1. Which of the following statements is true?

Ans : – Insurance is a method of sharing the losses of a few by many.

  1. insurance is a mechanism that heps reduce adverse consequences through______.

Ans : – Pooling spreading and sharing of risk.

  1. Employees state Insurance Act 1948 provides for.

Ans : – Medical aid to workers and their families working in Industries located in

  1. Pradhan mantri jeevan jyoti bima Yojana is to benefit people in case of death. This scheme with a premium of Rs 330 and coverage of Rs 2 lakh is avaible to person in the age group of _______

Ans : – 18 to 50

  1. General Insurance means

Ans : – All the above.

  1. An insurer is bound to furnish details regarding.

Ans : – All the above three.

  1. How breath of utmost Good faith occure in a contract of insurance?

Ans : – Through both of the above.

  1. In property insurance Insurable interest must exist at the time of _________

Ans : – Inception and loss both

  1. Generally a person seeking insurance writes a form to the insurer and applies for insurance. This form is known as ________

Ans : – Proposal form.

  1. In any contract if there is an offer and acceptance , what is the third condition that must be fulfilled to make it a complete contract ?

Ans : – Consideration

  1. A fact that influences a prdent undetwriter ?s decision to Accept the risk or not is known as________

Ans : – Material fact.

  1. Gautama gets his tractor insured for a sum saying that the tractor is two years Old But in an Accident, when the tractor become a total loss , the insurer comes to know that the said tractor was 10 years old . The insurer can reject the claim stating _______

Ans : – Disclosure of material fact.

  1. Indemnity means a guarantee or an assurance to put the insured in the same position in which he was immediately prior to the happening of the contingency insured . That means the insurer undertake to.

Ans : – Make good the loss.

  1. Ram fell from a horse while riding and his leg fractured . He kept lying on a wet land for a long time before he was taken to the hospital where he was diagosed of pneumonia and he died of the pneumonia. the proximate cause was_________

Ans : – Accidental falls from the horse.

  1. Conventionally Insurance has been classified in to _________

Ans : – Life Insurance and General Insurance.

  1. Miscellaneous Insurance business means affecting insurance contracts on all kinds of risks other than _________

Ans : – All the three above

  1. Some insurance cannot be categorized as a standard group and are a part of Others Insurance like_________

Ans : – All the above

  1. All the insurance in India are governed by the rules and regulations framed by IRDAI except_______

Ans : – Postal Life insurance.

  1. A Household insurance means_________

Ans : – Both of the above.

  1. Life insurance provide the products like _______

Ans : – Both of the above.

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